Study Island


Study Island is an internet-based resource that is available to our students in
Grades 3 - 5 in order to help them prepare for the NJ ASK Testing.
All students have their own usernames and passwords to log into their
Study Island accounts. The website is:

There are many tools that you can use within the Study Island program that will help you
to assist your child in the areas of Math, Reading and/or Writing.
The resources below will be helpful in running & understanding performance reports,
printing out practice worksheets, and they also include tips on how to help your child
increase his or her scores.


What Will I Learn About My Child's Progress by Running Reports?

How Do I Interpret My Child's Performance?

How Can I Print Out Practice Worksheets?

How Can My Child Receive a Blue Ribbon?

What Can I Do If My Child Needs Extra Help?


If your child has forgotten their usernames and/or password, please contact their
classroom teacher. If you have any other questions, or need help,
please contact Ms. Pazinko via email:
[email protected]